Serious About Science School Program


Welcome to the Serious About Science School Program webpage. If you've arrived here, you must have heard about our school program from either our marketing material or hopefully by some other means.

We operate in Calgary: our home city. We run workshops in classrooms in schools, teaching children about the natural world, how it is changing and how we can adapt to the changing world. We want to prepare the next generation for the challenges they will have to face in the future.

On this page you will find our first journey into the realms of YouTube, and our attempt to 'dazzle' you with our newly acquired video-making skills. Ok, we admit they are a little coarse, but we will update the videos as we learn, and improve our video making skills.

Meet Dr. Pete and Dr. Carly

Introduction to the Serious About Science School Program

Grades K to 6 - A Selection of Our Workshops

How to Contact Us

For more information, please contact us using the details provided in our marketing material, or via the email address below: